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Art Work

Digital prints

Concerend with creating a narrative within collage, I reappropriated images from 1960's and 70's.

In the series 'Down the Rabbit hole' I focus on the 60's as a time where dreams of the future were of flying cars and hover shoes, I concentrated on their perception of the future as if part of the narrative of Alice in Wonderland. These collages represent the dream-like journey down the Rabbit hole of a surrealist future.


The next Series focuses on the portrayal of the female within mainstream media. I represent the repettive nature of imagery within the media and the distoted view it has of perfection and the pursuit of it.


Questions of the definition of a painting and the defined make up of such a concept is explored through various works. I explore the materiality of canvas and structural supports to contradict traditional paintings styles.


Through the use of monoptintint I imprint cropped sections of larger paintings in monochramatic perminance.




These sculptures respond to the architecture of Birmingham as it was rebuilt after the war. Studies of brutalist architecture and pre fabricated design are a heavy influence within my work. I have produced numerous single sculptures which highlight brutalist design within small concrete forms. 


Seperate works include three sculptures which focus on the use of joints and construction of architecture, which is overlooked but is integral, highlighting the skill of the craftsman. The three sculptures have an adaptable design allowing them to interlock in numerous variations. This expresses Birmingham's need to adapt to growing population and functionality of design. 


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Contact Me

Rebecca Ann Clegg

Birmingham City Centre

Tel: 07930897218


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Artist statement

In demonstrating the importance of the craftsman, I often create work which is influenced by my work process; gathering and collating multiple sources, sampling and mixing desperate elements in order to make something new. One theme remains the same, from my abstract paintings, which focus on the free expression of the mark maker, to my surrealist inspired digital collages, work process has been motivated by a notion of balance and tension within each composition. 


My Sculptural works are characterised by the use of industrial materials and geometric design. By taking pre fabricated designs within architecture as a subject matter as well as commenting on the aesthetic of  the multiple within minimalism. Once characterised by artists such as Sol Lewiit, Donald judd and carl andre. I try to find an interaction between highly detailed and accurately designed objects with the traditional hand-made sculptures.


My recent work demonstrates the easy-build nature of flat pack architecture, inspired by airfix modeling kits. It challenges the preconceived ideas of cheaply built and therefore badly made designs within pre fabrication by highlighting the importance of accuracy in the design whether this be implemented through the hand made nature of concrete moulding or computer aided designs for laser cut wood.


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